Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Farewell Peter

I've come to know Peter in a CRHP II as a member of the 12 man group. I'd never thought that few years later I'd be saying goodbye to this gentle man, who like me enjoyed music and singing songs for others to enjoy. Peter was just an embodiment of peace and grace on earth.

I had never truly realized how serious his condition was. He had mentioned that something was awry with his health, but as I get older that seems to be a story with everyone around me. I myself began to think that I am falling apart with having gout and sciatica and Peter was just part of that group that has something non life threatening but of different nature then what I was going through. I felt that death by gluttony (too many steaks in my diet) and to bottom of hell I went downed by one the 7 deadly sins. So I changed my diet and recovered and I believed that everyone can do the same. All you had to do was to just fix this or fix that and you're good as new or close to it.

For Peter the answer was not that simple. His illness was real and extremely severe. It was a real wake up for me when faced with mortality of yet another friend. Peter's path is clearly with God in heaven and he is well on his way there.

As a spirit he probably enjoys the freedom of being able to visit all the places he always wanted to see in his life, but could never get to it. All the best wishes on your journey Peter. Maybe one day they'll let me go where you are now and although we'll be missing air for string vibrations we can play celestial harps of subatomic particle and carry on the spirit of joy of love you had brought to this material world. Peace be with you my friend.


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