Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Peter had a deep impact on me as a friend and someone who I looked up to spiritually . We were both spiritual directors on our CRHP teams and loved to support each other and compare notes. We had a running joke about the "curse of the spiritual directors" ( seemed like turmoil entered your life the second you said 'yes' to that calling ) Our Kids played together and Donna and he were both loving presences in Heather's and my lives and the lives of our children.I particularly remember him as the 'team Chaplain' on the Outreach team to Shepherd of the Hills. I was giving a witness that frankly, scared me more than any presentation I'd given in a life of teaching /public speaking. Peter's soothing words and divinely imbued presence gave me the courage to speak and give my whole heart to a very challenging witness. He had a sneaky deadpan sense of humor.He and I met on Saturdays during the last couple of months or so and we talked very frankly about his death . He was fearless. At one point there was a big confusion over who was going to make or decorate the box for his ashes ....he looked at me and said "Let's make three boxes and play a shell game , people can guess which box has the ashes." I loved him for that .....his quiet low- key guts. His gentleness was probably the 1st thing you'd be struck by when you met him. The beautiful thing was there at the end he told me he had a found a joy and peace that had eluded him his whole life . God had come to him in a dream and had allayed his last fear the only thing he was truly worried about , which was a place for Caleb in Heaven . I am hoping he puts in a good word for me with God because I may have a bit more trouble getting in than him . I miss him terribly..... Love and prayers to Donna ,Caleb , Shawn and Rebecca...Josh

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